November 29, 2020

Beaver Blaster Is The Most Inane Foam Shooter We’ve Seen

Over the years, Nerf blasters have become more and more absurd, looking more like goofy science fiction weapons than simple children’s toys. And we love ...
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Hasbro’s Transformers Trypticon T-Rex Can Eat Smaller Action Figures

The cable may be the most popular “Transformers” in the universe, but he is far from the most dangerous dinosaur branch of the Decepticons. The ...
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This Adorable Finger-Sized Robo-Monkey Can Cling To Your Fingers All Day

These cool toys that are so small, and cling to your fingers? They’re awesome.  they’re wild animals and are better off left in the Amazon ...
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This RC Controlled boy toy Is Must Watch Video Of The Day

It’s like a good news. We still have no optimism about the upcoming Justice League film. Good news? If the damn movie is similar to ...
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AI robot

Little Einstein puts the AI robot on your desktop

State-of-the-art robotic assistant. To be honest, you’d better stick with Alexa if this is what you need. If you want a personal robot capable of ...
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LEGO Boost Allows Young Kids To Build Programmable Mobile Robots

We are LEGO’s brainstorming fans, which gives people the ability to build and use LEGO bricks for project robots. The problem is that it does ...
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