January 15, 2021

Little Einstein puts the AI robot on your desktop

AI robot

State-of-the-art robotic assistant. To be honest, you’d better stick with Alexa if this is what you need. If you want a personal robot capable of performing virtual assistant duties while being a variety of fun, we can not imagine a better choice than little Einstein.

By Hansen Robot, a desktop robot wearing a similar Albert Einstein, so you can make the world’s most famous physicist in the coffee table in your living room. Because it is Einstein, they are more concerned about the duties of virtual assistants, equipped with educational robots rather than as children.


AI robot

What really makes Little Einstein special, though, is its expressive face, which comes with over 50 different expressions, making it a lot more engaging during interactions. It can also walk very slowly, as well as move its arms, making for a truly expressive robot to keep you company. Onboard sensors will prevent it from moving if it’s not on a flat surface, as well as keep it from walking off the edge of tables and run into obstacles.

AI robot

In online mode, the robot can chat about the weather, famous people, food, and math problems, all while still coming with plenty of educational games and activities when it’s not connected to the internet (it has to be paired with the companion app, though). It stands 14.5 inches tall, so it’s easy for kids to move around the house, with the integrated battery enabling three hours of operation in a single charge.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Little Einstein. You can reserve one for pledges starting at $269.