October 2, 2022
ESL Katowice

ESL and DreamHack partner with Twitter to livestream upcoming tournaments

Partnerships ESL and DreamHack, Twitter will start broadcast screen specific e-sports activities, 2017 to create the original e-sports content. So far, more than 15 events ...
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efi overwatch_0

Blizzard’s hints point towards Efi, Doomfist, Liao and Spider Tank

The guards will never stay in the present for a long time. The original now 21-23 – the hero will not make everyone occupied, and ...
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Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 introduces Chaos Dwarfs and Khemri teams to its bloody roster

Cyanide studio violence in American football fans mashed the universe Warhammer will be pleased to hear that two new teams are bleeding on the grass. ...
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PCGamesN Nvidia Showcase posts are created in partnership with Nvidia.

See Watch Dogs 2’s best hacks, tech and upgrades

Casting Player Elite Hacker Marcus Holloway, watching the dog 2 is Ubisoft’s open, recently launched a sequel hacking-themed adventure. There is a robust single player ...
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Ubisoft PC game sales eclipsed by PS4 three to one

Ubisoft’s latest third-quarter financial disclosures have some not so alarming sales: More players play Ubisoft games for PS4 than Xbox and PC for the sum. ...
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ni no kuni 2 hippogriff maybe

Ni no Kuni II isn’t halfway done yet, despite the release window being 2017

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, the sequel to that lovable, Ghibli-like JRPG that never made its way to PC, is almost half finished. Hopefully ...
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Cyanide are creating a videogame adaptation of White Wolf’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse

There is a game based on the white wolf’s desktop, The Werewolf: Apocalypse, which created an interactive and collaborative developer with focused family cyanide. Paradox ...
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Logitech Overwatch Sombra

Boost your performance in today’s best PC games

Become a professional player is not easy. Obviously it is difficult to resist the temptation to play the best gear and win big bonuses, but ...
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ZeniMax claim to have evidence Oculus stole “trade secrets and confidential information”

As early as May 2014 ZeniMax accused the eyes of VR-based headphones in the absence of legitimate, legitimate means to obtain ZeniMax technology, with the ...
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Nvidia Showcase: inside the surreal indie adventure Maize

Saying corn, teddy bears and a secret underground research facility are just some of the odd things you’ll encounter at the finish line of the ...
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