November 30, 2021

Beaver Blaster Is The Most Inane Foam Shooter We’ve Seen


Over the years, Nerf blasters have become more and more absurd, looking more like goofy science fiction weapons than simple children’s toys. And we love it. Turns out, Nerf’s absurd creations suddenly look painfully tame as soon as you feast your eyes on this absolutely nonsensical Beaver Blaster.


By the taste of marshmallow, it is a bubble blasting man wearing a portrait of a beaver. You know that these little animals build dams and stuff. We are not completely sure of the logic with the Beaver Fire Bubble Ball, but this ridiculous let it give your office a lot of fun fighting you are now boring to weaken.

Beaver Firewire Nozzles use animal mouth, with tie (yes, it wears tie) as blasting handle. There are two ways to ignite the fuse. The first one is pulled back to the tail and released it resembles a slingshot. The second is more interesting because it takes you to pull back the tail, lock it in place, and then use the tail to shoot, so you look like you beat the beaver’s ass and let it miss it.

Do note, it can only be loaded with one foam ball at a time, which you place right on its mouth like they put an apple on a pig’s snout during roasting. Other features include a storage chamber in the handle sized to hold foam balls and a pair of bundled targets.

Available now, the Beaver Blaster is priced at $14.