March 5, 2021

2016 National Toy Hall of Fame : Car Bears Stuffed Animals Made the List of Finalists

Let’s get to know the list of finalists.

Care Bears started as a line of greeting cards back in the 1980s. They had one simple message – it’s important to care about others.

Their positive attitude and cuteness turned them into a hit. The Care Bears expanded into plush animals, figurines, TV shows and many more. Now they are in the list of 12 finalists and a special jury will vote who get into the 2016 class of the National Toy Hall of Fame.

All things are toys

The big surprise in the list of nominees is… bubble wrap. It’s created in 1957 as a practical way to safely pack stuff. But we all love to pop the bubbles, don’t we?

Why is bubble wrap aiming to be in a toy hall of fame? The National Toy Hall of Fame doesn’t look only at traditional toys. Instead, it looks at each item and how interested are kids in it. By this criteria bubble wrap is more popular than quite a few toys out there combined.

There are four main criteria for the jury:

  1. Icon-status. The toy is widely recognized, respected and remembered.
  2. Longevity. The toy is more than a passing fad and has enjoyed popularity over multiple generations.
  3. Discovery. The toy fosters learning, creativity or discovery through play.
  4. Innovation. The toy profoundly changed play or toy design.

Which are the other toys? Here they are:

  • The board game Clue
  • All coloring books
  • Dungeons & Dragons play books
  • Little People figurines by Fisher-Price
  • Nerf blasters
  • The Pinball
  • Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots
  • The Swing
  • Transformer toys
  • The card game Uno

Finally, the jury will announce the winners on November 10th 2016.