February 21, 2019

Ubisoft PC game sales eclipsed by PS4 three to one


Ubisoft’s latest third-quarter financial disclosures have some not so alarming sales: More players play Ubisoft games for PS4 than Xbox and PC for the sum.

Because of accessibility and ease of use, consumers will usually choose the console for PC gaming needs, and Sony’s PlayStation 4 fully dominates the console sales life. Ubisoft strengthens this in their latest performance report confirming that the PS4 platform accounts for nearly half of Ubisoft’s game sales over the last nine months (April 1-December 31, 2016). In fact, PS4 game sales in the past three quarters and nine months of six months are more than the sum of Xbox and PC.

The report noted that in the past nine months, PS4 saw 42% of Ubisoft’s total game sales, while Xbox 1 fell behind 25% and PC platforms accounted for 16% of sales. In the third quarter of three months from October 1 to December 31, 2016, PS4 continues to dominate 46 percent of all game sales, with Xbox at 26 percent and PCs down to 13 percent.

This apparent imbalance will affect Ubisoft’s prospects in PC gaming as a whole, to a particular game that is better run by the host, reducing the optimization of the computer is not the preferred platform. But I have to prove that I have a good experience with some Ubisoft PC games in the past, including a far cry from the original:

But the gap still exists and it is likely that any publisher – including Ubisoft – would consider it.

I’m also interested to know Ubisoft’s uPlay platform affects PC game sales. Console gamers can buy retail CDs and usually bypass online services, while most PC gamers are mostly adhering to the uPlay Ubisoft game digital distribution platform.

In any case, this does not necessarily mean Ubisoft will destroy all of the upcoming, lazy ports, since the PC gaming platform is technically the minority. But it does give us a much-needed perspective on the market, and more specifically how Ubisoft will use these data to fuel the business, development and marketing strategies forward.

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