January 21, 2019

Top 10 Best Robot Dogs Toy for kid In 2016

Bandai Smart-Pet Robot Dog

Do not worry about your child wanting a puppy while you’re not. Instead, let them be responsible for practicing and understanding how to handle a puppy, giving them a robotic dog. A robot is like a real puppy, a dog sitting, talking, taking you to interact with it, and how it will respond to your commands. They offer practically close to the real experience of having a puppy at home without any mess or hard work. For children, they are great toys that can attract and entertain. Below, we have compiled the top ten best robot dog reviews. These comments should guide you in making the most appropriate choice. You definitely want real value for your money. This is what drives us to review the best robotic dog features.

Robots have been around for decades. With the passage of time, technology will continue to improve. Movement becomes more natural and command and control becomes easier and more intuitive. Today’s robotic dog looks more like a real pet than an electronic device. They are the hottest toys on our market.

A good robot toy will help your child learn, in addition to the fun part. There are many kinds of products on the market. People buy robots pet primarily as a gift to their children or grandchildren. Most robotic pets are interactive ads, claiming they can play to the user and play music. Choosing a Dog His voice and other audio are understandable. The above different model reviews feature clear, understandable audio.

10. WowWee ChiP Intelligent Pet

WowWee ChiP Intelligent Pet

CHiP will be your kids’ loyal robot companion, having all the lovable qualities you find in a real dog. CHiP knows how to show affection. You can make him learn new tricks, from time to time. He loves to play, and your kids Will firmly like him. You can roll his ball, and he’ll then bring it back. As well you can pick his front legs up and watch him dance with you. Rub his nose against yours and he’ll nuzzle right back. Simply Put, the WowWee CHiP is a pet that your kids will adore.

•    Weight: 2.2 Pounds
•    Dimensions: 15-inch x 8.7-inch x 11.8-inch
•    Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer Battery
•    Recommended Age: 6-15 Years

9. Hasbro Mio Pup White/Pink

Hasbro Mio Pup White

This robot pet is designed to make playtime fun and interactive, bringing an authentic feel that’s similar to that brought by a real dog. The Hasbro Mio Pup White/Pink can walk, talk, and communicate with his eyes, as well as play music. Images light up in the eyes to express moods like love, happiness, hunger and surprise. He’s well equipped with four touch sensors which make him aware of when he’s being petted. Give him attention, and he’ll be happier. This robot dog is a top quality and life-like model. If you’re willing to spend that extra money for quality, this pup should be among your top choices. The solid build and amazing performance offered by this pet explains why he’s priced at such a point.

•    Dimensions: 12.1-inch x 11.1-inch x 6.9-inch
•    Weight: 1 Pound
•    Batteries: 4AA
•    Recommended Age: 6 to 8 Years

8. Bandai Smart-Pet Robot Dog

Bandai Smart-Pet Robot Dog

You can play with it Bandai Smart-pet robot body and iPhone or iPod Touch. Smart-Pet “is the latest generation of pet robots.You can download a dedicated application from the app store for free (Smart Pets ).You can play with the dog using the touch panel operation.Recommended by the hand, called movement through the camera or microphone function , Do not touch the dog itself.Bandai Smart-Pet quite a lovely pet, you can use all the children aged 18 years and over.

•    Color: Black
•    Dimensions: 9.9-inch x 8.3-inch x 5.8-inch
•    Weight: 2.2 Pounds
•    Recommended Age: 18 Months and Up

7. Babrit Robot Dog (Remote controlled)

Babrit Robot Dog (Remote controlled)

This remote control pet is a bundle of fun. Wheels are incorporated in the feet, and this is thus not a lazy dog that will just sit there and play cute. It moves fast, forward and backward too. You can command the Babrit Remote Control Pet to roll on its back and immediately get up in one-swift motion. The dog can also bark, wiggle and last but not least, pee. You family will laugh endlessly, thanks to Babrit’s wireless dog.

•    Color: Black and White
•    Dimensions: 7.5-inch x 11-inch x 7.1-inch
•    Weight: 2 Pounds
•    Recommended Age: 3 Years and Up

6. Underground Remote-Controlled K-9 Mark II


The Underground Mark II is just an awesome option for a pet toy. It’s worth every penny. You’ll be amazed by John Leasons’ recorded sounds (the voice of K9). The remote control in notably easy to use and you’ll find All recorded voices right from the controller. This robotic dog comes included with 9V batteries for the controller, as well as the K9 batteries. You’ll certainly appreciate the gift you’ll just have got for your kids.

•    Dimensions: 11-inch x 5-inch x 7-inch
•    Weight: 4.3 Pounds
•    Recommended Age: 6 Months to 4 Years
•    Power: battery

5. Harry-Responds-To-Touch Electronic Pet Dog

Harry-Responds-To-Touch Electronic Pet Dog

Your kids can play with Harry the Dog in so many ways! They’ll enjoy playing with Harry and keep them pretty occupied. Harry is a great replacement for a real dog. You can enjoy this robotic dog just as you’d with a real dog. There are several nice features to appreciate here. These include a game, music, and bump n go actions. The dog responds appropriately to touch and will interact with your kid(s). Included in the package are the batteries. Your children can thus start having a great pet experience immediately after receiving it!

•    Dimensions: 8-inch x 5-inch x 6-inch
•    Weight: 1.1 Pounds
•    Batteries: 3 AA
•    Recommended Age: 24 Months to 7 Years

4. Fur Real Friends Robot Dog

Fur Real Friends Robot Dog

Are you looking for a funny furry friend to welcome you home? It’s just about making the right choice for your kids. This is a great, fun pet Hasbro. While this pet pet seems to be oversized, voice commands respond well, affectionately touching, sporting and realistic sports and fun calling. , Theoretically a great pet to choose from 5 to 8 year olds. Your child is aware of their love has a virtual puppy.

•    Dimensions: 14.8-inch x 19.8-inch x 24.5-inch
•    Weight: 11.6 Pounds
•    Batteries: 6 D
•    Recommended Age: 5 to 8 Years

3. Wappy Dog Nintendo DS-Activation

Wappy Dog Nintendo DS-Activation

The next evolution of virtual pets is here with us, thanks to the Nintendo DSTM family. The Wappy Dog is a beautiful toy puppy which interacts with the player via the Nintendo DSTM. It’ll engage your young gamers to raise their interactive puppy, in both real and virtual worlds. Your kids will be able to teach their virtual pet cool tricks, converse with it, and even play mini-games. They’ll communicate with Wappy through your Nintendo DSTM, and watch the dog react appropriately. In Travel Mode, your kids can interact with Wappy Dog inside Nintendo DS’s virtual world.

•    Dimensions: 7.2-inch x 8-inch x 7.3-inch
•    Weight: 1.7 Pounds
•    Media: Video Game
•    Uniqueness: virtual pet

2. Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Canine

Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Canine

I-Dog is man’s best friend. The Hasbro i-Dog is nourished exclusively on music. However, like all of us, it’ll appreciate some positive attention. This palm-sized robot dog grooves and moves to the rhythm of musical beats. For a robotic canine, i-Dog is remarkably expressive as it employs an entertaining assortment of head tilts, ear lifts, growls (on flicking its tail), and even flashing lights. Just plug in i-Dog into a portable music device using the dual connector that comes included with the package. Watch it respond amazingly while the inbuilt speaker plays along. Your kid(s) will enjoy this robot pet.

•    Color: White
•    Dimensions: 5.4-inch x 5.3-inch x 5.3-inch
•    Weight: 10.1 Ounces
•    Batteries: 3 AAA
•    Recommended Age: 8 Years and Up

1. Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

The magnifying glass comes back twice twice as fun and smart. The magnifying-glass interactive puppy will steal your heart with his speed. You can teach him almost all the puppies should know the tips. Called his name to help him learn. Look at his excitement when you reward him with a good belly. Kids can laugh, play, and run the magnifying glass to respond to commands and wag their tails excitedly. He is clever and flexible and understands English, French and Spanish. He will even follow your movement and his lovely eyes. Magnifier Interactive Puppy is the best robot dog you can have for your kids.

•    Dimensions: 8.5-inch x 11.5-inch x 10.2-inch
•    Weight: 1 Ounce
•    Model Number: 6024488
•    Recommended Age: 5 to 10 Years
•    Languages: English, Spanish, and French

Among the best brands we’ve on the market include Zoomer and Bandai. Purchase a robot pet from a reputable, established brand. You’ll have increased your chances of winning a solid, worthwhile purchase. Look through the reviews above, and by considering your preferences, choose a model that will help your kids learn and have fun. Some users assert that the directions, which come with robot dogs, are sometimes difficult to understand. Before purchasing one, ensure that offers intuitive use and isn’t distractingly loud. There are even some models that come with games and educational programs. Choose a robot dog that comes with various programs, which are appropriate to your kid’s age and education level. When you’re ready to buy one pick one from the above and give your childred a new level of learning and entertainment.

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